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We are pleased to inform you that animal communicator Kim Malonie’s interview is airing on Feb 04, 2010, part 1 (Thursday) & Feb. 5, 2010, part 2 (Friday) 4 am, 10 am, 4 pm, 10 pm in Eastern time on Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants with French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Korean, Aulacese(Vietnamese), Thai, Indonesian, Malay, and English subtitles.

The show will be uploaded in our website download section after the airing with worldwide access. Please inform to the guests and related team crews.


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Phyliss, Bella, et alThe boys and Bella are doing great!! Major has got his mojo back - you should see him! He now gets up AND down the back steps from the porch to the yard and comes and goes as he pleases. He literally leaps and bounds through the back yard and LOVES sitting out and getting sun with Mac. He and Mac are now wrestling and playing with each other again and he plays with me and his new chew toys. Now Princess (the kitty) hangs with the boys when they're outside or in the kitchen waiting for their foodies. Their Aunt Barbara made them longer sweat shirts that they wore when it was cold this winter (after you said Bella requested them) and they really loved those. I always put their blanky in the dryer while they're eating so they get their after-breakfast hot blanky when they go into their sun room (my office).

And Miss Bella Marie is doing wonderfully too. What an amazing difference after we talked with you! She seems so relieved that she finally got to communicate with me - we're even closer now and share very special time together. She's so much calmer now too. Thank you so much Kim you are truly amazing!

Phyllis R
Breast Cancer Resource centers of Texas

I just finished your article in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. I love your articles and always gravitate right to your page! Your articles are read far and wide around the world, thank you for connecting us to our animal friends, you provide a great service to us all!

Sincerely, BJ Killeen,
Naturopathic Doctor

Mother and baby whale helped by Kim MalonieThank you so much for your time and energy today! It was amazing how you were able to help the whales. You are a precious gift to me and ALL the animals that reside with us on this wondrous planet – “a breath of fresh air” the whales say!

Constance Rose,
Whale Tour Guide, Hawaii



Dear Kim:

It has been 4 weeks today since you were here to see my dog Tara, and I have to tell you that I have never seen such a transformation in an animal as I have Tara. She has soooo much more energy and vigour, all she wants to do now is play, which she had not done for months prior to your visit!

Anyone that has seen her has commented on how much better she looks, she is actually starting to loose weight. But you can she the change in her when you look into her eyes, they are so much brighter and clearer. The sore on her foot is not bothering her as it did before.

I can’t thank you enough for saving my dog, and giving Tara back the life she deserves! Thank you so very much for your time hugs and kisses!

Darla and Tara
Ontario, Canada

Dear Kim, just a note to express my awe at your ability and work for all of god's creatures. I find myself turning to your article upon receiving Sedona Journal monthly, and so enjoy your gift. Many thanks for the work you do!

Pat G.
York, Pennsylvania.

I have recommended Kim to other Dandie Dinmont owners who wanted to know more about their dogs. All have been astounded by Kim’s ability to communicate with their dogs. The relationship you have with your animal is changed for ever after Kim communicates their likes and dislikes to you.

Juliet Sturney
Treasurer DDTCC (Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of Canada)

Regarding Kim Malonie's’ televised Brown Bag Lunch presentation here on May 2004. Kim was amazing! Her ability to read the animal’s conditions and concerns through the people present was truly something to see. Her gift allowed her to dispense advise to many people and I’m sure there are a lot of happier pets for it! She’s a great personality and made everyone feel very much at ease in approaching her about their animals.

Susan Holland
Curator Belleville Library

Kim Malonie saved my relationship with my young dog, and perhaps saved my dog’s life. Stella was becoming aggressive. Kim was able to discover what was really going on with Stella. That allowed me to figure ways to keep her calm an in control.

Sara Jewell,
Journalist & Broadcaster

Our horse The President wasn’t at our home when Kim visited. He was out of the country  being trained. So Kim communicated with him long distance using a picture. Once Kim made contact, The President wouldn’t leave her alone. He wanted to come home and Kim had to tell him to get through the training first.  Even with my past experiences with Animal Communicators, I was amazed at what Kim Malonie did for my horses.

Marilyn M.
Cold Springs

I was in awe immediately as Kim Malonie was able to pinpoint my cats’ personalities and behavior. I was informed in no uncertain terms that my two feline friends couldn’t stand the kitty litter I had purchased. Why? Because it contained an ingredient to make it smell better. To my shock and amazement I was told that my cats worried about me. My Maine Coon made it clear she wanted me to slow down and stop speeding, that I would get a hefty speeding ticket in the near future.  I changed my cats’ food to an all-natural diet, changed kitty litter and frequently talk to them as they requested. I have even stopped speeding.

I felt intrigued and relieved that my animals had been trying to tell me things that were important, and after I made the changes I noticed an immediate difference: my cats seem calmer, quieter and happier. 

Irene Newington
Community Press, Western

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