What’s involved in a consultation?

Your animal companion doesn’t need to be present during your consultation. When you book a consultation I ask that you have your questions and/or concerns ready about your animal companion or the animal you are concerned about, then I can “give your pet a voice” so you can understand what your pet is trying to tell you and you can communicate with each other; either by email, telephone or postal; which ever is easiest and more convenient for you.

What should I expect?

During your consultation it’s alright if you aren’t with your pet. I’ll ask you questions such as; what is the animals name, age, gender, and species, how long you have had the animal. Don’t worry if you don’t know that’s fine also! You can send me a picture if you like but it’s not necessary for me to get your answers you need. Feel free to ask me anything that is concerning you. I do not judge anyone and my heart is always open to you.

What type of animals I can I help you with?

I’ve worked with thousands of species worldwide such as; whales, tigers, elephants, alpacas, farm animals, zoo animals, wild/domestic cross breeds, horses, reptiles, birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters…..

Yes I also get calls and concerns about wild animals, and sea creatures

How can I help you?

I help ALL animals/species with physical, emotional and behaviour issues such as dog aggression, fear, phobias, allergies to name a few. I am an animal communicator, horse communicator, animal whisperer, dog behaviourist, animal behaviourist, pet psychologist. During your consultation I can make suggestions for you about Homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures, flower essences nutritional supplements that may better help the animal in question. Remember they are only suggestions and they do not substitute for veterinarian care. Kim Malone is not a veterinarian.

Preparing for your consultation

Kim Malonie, Animal WhispererYou may want to make a list of questions/and or concerns you are having so you don’t forget anything, some commonly asked questions are

  • how is my pet feeling, are they in pain anywhere?
  • would my pet like to have a companion, are they lonely?
  • how can I make my pet’s life more comfortable?
  • my pet has been sick for a long time and is very old: is he/she ready to pass over?
  • why is my cat going outside his litter box?
  • is my pet happy with his food, does he/she have any allergies I should be aware of?
  • my pet does not like to travel is there something I can do to make travelling easier for him/her?
  • does my pet feel at ease with their: pet sitter, kennel, trainer, stable mates, paddock, barn?
  • why is my dog or cat urinating and defecating in our house?

Note: Having an open mind during the consultation will allow the animal to communicate easier and let the consultation flow better.

Setting up a consultation

Feel free to contact me through my contact name is kim.malonie, SKYPE is a free internet calling service, or I can be reached at 905-342-5312, or email


30-60 minutes (by telephone,, email, postal

Consultation fee

30 – 60 minutes $98.00
1-3 animals, complete consultation. For additional animals, inquire.

When you email or call to book your appointment, please let me know what length of time you would like to have.

Payment Options

Payment is due prior to your consultation appointment, I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Pay Pal, and Interac e-Transfer. if you want to send a money order (cashable in Canada) it must be received before I will book your appointment. Personal checks must be recieved and cleared before your appointment can be booked (it usually takes 6 business days for the bank to clear). Then I would contact you to set up a date and time.


24 hours is greatly appreciated so I can schedule another animal who needs to be heard. feel free to contact me at or 905-342-5312 to leave a message.

Mailing Address:

Kim Malonie
5193 Cook Rd # 115
Bewdley, Ont.
K0L 1E0